Since the beginning of mankind man revealed himself as the most intelligent animal. Intelligence was the quality that led him to the top of the food pyramid and that guaranteed him the survival and the dominance above all the other forms of life. Overtime men’s intellect improved and they started not only to rule over the animals but also to control them (horses to ride, dogs for defence, cows for food and so on…), men’s intellect was repaid with so many benefits that their lifestyle changed, as well as their idea of other animals.

We could say that today mankind is divided into two factions: animal rights-activists and “speciesists” (from speciesism, similar to racism). In brief animal rights-activists fight to make animal’s rights more effective and to make them less exploited. On the contrary speciesists feel that there is no problem about how we treat animals because only humans can have rights, freedoms and protection.

Who can say who is right? Probably none could, at least since the situation got out of hand. Because of the ever increasing world population the needs of men are incredibly high and the number of exploited animals has raised beyond all expectations. The situation is clearly not fair, humans are acting like monsters just because of their needs without worrying about other forms of life. Try to think about a mirrored situation, it could be described as a cruel and bloody dictatorship. Nature sometimes is unfair, but there is equilibrium within it, it is the famous circle of life. No animal treats another animal like humans treat them. It is undeniably a cruel and merciless situation.

On the other hand men gained their status through a very long journey of ages full of dangers and difficulties all around the world, so after all they deserve the power they got today. Mother Nature let all animals feed themselves hunting and killing each other, so presumably it is not unfair what men did, it is unfair how they are acting today. Millions animals are killed every day in breeding farms and medical laboratories, thousands animals are killed every day by hunters just for fun or to make fur coats. Not to mention the animals maltreated in the zoos, in the aquariums and the circuses.

Fortunately there are men who employ animals without any exploitation or maltreatment, for example there are dogs used as “search dogs” or in general animals used in the Pet Therapy.

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