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Nostalgia Post Laurea

Non pensavo avrei avuto nostalgia dell’Università a così poco tempo dalla mia Laurea, mentre scrivo questo articolo sono passati solo sei giorni. E non ho solo nostalgia delle persone, ma dell’ambiente e delle lezioni, della routine universitaria. Non che ora non mi stia dando da fare, in questo periodo sto dedicando molto tempo alle mie passioni principali che sono i cani e la musica, ma non sto sicuramente sfruttando le mie competenze da traduttore e interprete, quindi sento che non sto facendo quello che dovrei fare. Ancora non mi sono messo a cercare lavoro, né ho pianificato cosa fare ora che ho finalmente preso una Laurea, forse farò una Magistrale o un Master, ma probabilmente dovrò andare fuori, visto che mi sono rifiutato di andare alla UNINT (un’università per Traduttori e Interpreti qui a Roma). Bisogna darsi da fare ragazzi, è brutto stare con le mani in mano. Bisogna essere produttivi!



Sto cercando di combattere la depressione a modo mio. Mia madre e quello che reputo il mio unico amico mi stanno pressando per andare da uno psicanalista, ma io sono convinto di poterne uscire vittorioso da solo, con le mie sole forze. Mi ero convinto che per uscire dalla depressione, o almeno dalla mia depressione, dovessi fare affidamento sugli altri, ma forse sbagliando sto riportando la responsabilità su di me, credo di dover trovare la forza di reagire da solo, voglio dimostrare a me stesso che le mie sole forze siano sufficienti a sconfiggere qualsiasi avversità. Credo di aver fatto un passo in avanti, ho capito che le ragioni della mia depressione, per quanto serie, non siano poi così importanti e che in fondo nessuna causa sia sufficiente a portare una persona a farsi corrodere dalla bestia nera che è la depressione. L’ho capito osservando come delle persone affette dalle più rare e disparate sindromi invalidanti che il fato riserva all’uomo non si perdano d’animo e riescano a vedere ciò che c’è di bello e buono nella vita. Se loro riescono ad essere positivi, loro che davvero sono stati sfortunati, allora io che sono stato fortunato non posso essere da meno. Forse la mia megalomania questa volta mi sarà d’aiuto. Sapere che sono migliore degli altri questa volta potrebbe aiutare, ma leggere quest’ultima frase mi fa pensare che ci sia ancora molto su cui lavorare.

What defines you

Humans are like water, they adapt themselves to the place they bump into, if they find a comfortable location they will calmly rest there, otherwise they will course in search of a better place.

Humans are like the pieces of a puzzle, it could be a magnificent puzzle or a terrible  one, they can be a central piece or a peripheral one, but every piece needs all the other pieces to form an image. Anyhow, the great thing of being a person is that if you do not like the image you form with the other pieces, you can always create your own new puzzle.

Humans are social animals, they can live alone, they can live in packs, they can act like hermits, but there will always be something in their head that tell them they should find some kind of companionship, sooner or later. Every person deep inside his heart seeks his place in the world, nobody really wants to live in its own isolated world.

Like it or not, humans live in the society and they are inevitably influenced by other people, they need each other as they make part of the same world. Equally, no human should think he is who others think. Yes, indeed our background leaves a mark about who we are, our friends have an influence on our personality and behaviour, but is not this normal? Should we build a wall around us to stop all the external influences? Of course not. Everyone is who he choose to be, we have free will and we can decide what kind of person do we like to be, for better or worse.

In any case, whether you like who you are or not, there is always something you can do to change yourself, it could be very hard and exhausting but it’s worth the risk, you just have to really want it. Do or do not, there is no try.

Humans are like books, they could be of different genres, they could be long or short, interesting or boring, they can come from a foreign country, but there will always be some content hidden in its pages. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

The circle of life

Since the beginning of mankind man revealed himself as the most intelligent animal. Intelligence was the quality that led him to the top of the food pyramid and that guaranteed him the survival and the dominance above all the other forms of life. Overtime men’s intellect improved and they started not only to rule over the animals but also to control them (horses to ride, dogs for defence, cows for food and so on…), men’s intellect was repaid with so many benefits that their lifestyle changed, as well as their idea of other animals.

We could say that today mankind is divided into two factions: animal rights-activists and “speciesists” (from speciesism, similar to racism). In brief animal rights-activists fight to make animal’s rights more effective and to make them less exploited. On the contrary speciesists feel that there is no problem about how we treat animals because only humans can have rights, freedoms and protection.

Who can say who is right? Probably none could, at least since the situation got out of hand. Because of the ever increasing world population the needs of men are incredibly high and the number of exploited animals has raised beyond all expectations. The situation is clearly not fair, humans are acting like monsters just because of their needs without worrying about other forms of life. Try to think about a mirrored situation, it could be described as a cruel and bloody dictatorship. Nature sometimes is unfair, but there is equilibrium within it, it is the famous circle of life. No animal treats another animal like humans treat them. It is undeniably a cruel and merciless situation.

On the other hand men gained their status through a very long journey of ages full of dangers and difficulties all around the world, so after all they deserve the power they got today. Mother Nature let all animals feed themselves hunting and killing each other, so presumably it is not unfair what men did, it is unfair how they are acting today. Millions animals are killed every day in breeding farms and medical laboratories, thousands animals are killed every day by hunters just for fun or to make fur coats. Not to mention the animals maltreated in the zoos, in the aquariums and the circuses.

Fortunately there are men who employ animals without any exploitation or maltreatment, for example there are dogs used as “search dogs” or in general animals used in the Pet Therapy.

The benefits of planning

Probably you have passed the last years dedicating to bunch of things, some of which were really interesting and some others that were not so much, but you have dedicated time to the majority of things that have attracted your curiosity. The result may have been that you found very hard to achieve any of your objectives. Overtime I came to the conclusion that people cannot do everything they would like to and that they have to focus their energy and thair time only on what they really care about. In a nutshell, I realized that people should plan a schedule.

There is no good planning without a good set up, so take time to get planning. The first thing you have to do when you start planning a schedule is choosing your real priorities. Make a list with all the activities you would like to do and then choose only three or four, these are going to be your main activities. Remember also that we are not machines, we need time to recover, therefore establish your free days or at least some free time to relax yourself. This is really important if you do not want to collapse!

Do not forget also to establish your targets, it will encourage innovations and will give you the opportunity to improve your performances. Without targets you will wander without an aim and you will be just busy. This is the point, having a schedule should not just make you busy twenty-four hours a day, but it should make you productive.

Using this method will help you not wasting your time and focusing your energies on specific targets. You will constantly know what to do, you will be filled with determination and your moral will improve.

A dog’s life

Let’s start from a premise: having a dog does not necessarily mean knowing how to take care of one. A lot of people have or have had a dog in their lives, but that does not mean that they have been able to care for it in the right way.

Dogs are living beings, they are intelligent, and if we are smart enough we can understand their language, but they do not know how to speak. This means that we have to give them proper attention, because they will not be able to tell us what they are feeling. This does not necessarily mean that we have to be there 24 hours a day with our eyes on them, but that we have to pay attention to their condition, that is all. After all, having a dog is very close to the idea of having a child who will never grow up, but who will suddenly jump straight into old age. That is the sad part. But there are plenty of good reasons to have a dog!

Dogs know how to console you when you are sad, they read you in thought. Dogs protect you, and if you are kind enough to put a bit of liveliness into their lives with sport they will also give you great satisfaction! But the truth is that all of this is not strictly necessary. The only thing that is really necessary is to give them love and never make them feel abandoned. Dogs live for their owners, and being left aside would make them feel really hurt.

Said this, there is one thing I’ve always thought: cuddle at all times, free food for life, every time I stink there is a person who washes me and makes me smell good … many people talk about it as if it were a bad thing, but I believe that a dog’s life is not bad at all!

About me

I am an egocentric. I have always been an egocentric, and when people ask me why am I so obsessed with myself, I always answer “How could I not be so obsessed with myself since I’m so mother****ing cool?”. All my life I have always been in the spotlight, with my friends, at school, with my sport mates, in my family. I think I could call myself a spoiled child. On the other hand I can actually swear that I have never desired to be so spoiled, I have never liked the idea, so I stopped acting like a spoiled child. I still cannot tell why, maybe some kind of frustration, but overtime I started hiding myself, remaining out of the way and speaking less and less with people about myself. I became, as some people say, an hermit, a vagabond, a lone guy who only think about himself and who does not care about others. I became an apathetic person, in a nutshell. As I said before, I have not always been like that, I used to be a very sunny guy with lots of friends and  things to do and say, I was really an extremely expansive guy and in fact I still am, but I hide it. I am only recently rediscovering this side of me and that is probably because I am getting to know some people I think are worth knowing. Or maybe because I was actually suffering for the absence of love and friendship in my life. Since I built my armour of apathy I have never felt the need of dealing with people, but recently I came up with the idea that even if I do not really need people in my life, maybe I could at least try to get them involved in my everyday life, maybe I could discover a new and happier way of life. I can honestly say that if you are a cold person like me, even the merest act of kindness or love fills your heart and hit you like a tsunami. Now I can really tell that I do not need love in my life, but I miss it. But, unfortunately, it is not all peaches and dandelions. The negative side of all this story is that when you are not used to get fond of someone, there is the risk of exceeding your limits, of misunderstanding your feelings or the ones of the others. In other words there is the risk of being disappointed, and if you are very emotionally attached to someone the blow is terrible. Fortunately I have never felt that sensation, I’m a lone guy, I do not like people, I do not have relationships and I am incredibly handsome.

Cos’è arte?

Cos’è arte? E cosa non lo è? Se ne avete un’idea chiara è probabile che non stiate analizzando il concetto in ogni sua sfumatura. D’altronde chi siamo noi per sentenziare cosa sia degno di essere elevato allo stato di opera d’arte e cosa no? Per evitare di essere smentiti bisognerebbe rimanere sul vago, dicendo che è arte ogni forma di creatività e di espressione estetica, e forse questa è una delle poche possibili definizioni in grado di accontentare tutti.