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Probably you have passed the last years dedicating to bunch of things, some of which were really interesting and some others that were not so much, but you have dedicated time to the majority of things that have attracted your curiosity. The result may have been that you found very hard to achieve any of your objectives. Overtime I came to the conclusion that people cannot do everything they would like to and that they have to focus their energy and thair time only on what they really care about. In a nutshell, I realized that people should plan a schedule.

There is no good planning without a good set up, so take time to get planning. The first thing you have to do when you start planning a schedule is choosing your real priorities. Make a list with all the activities you would like to do and then choose only three or four, these are going to be your main activities. Remember also that we are not machines, we need time to recover, therefore establish your free days or at least some free time to relax yourself. This is really important if you do not want to collapse!

Do not forget also to establish your targets, it will encourage innovations and will give you the opportunity to improve your performances. Without targets you will wander without an aim and you will be just busy. This is the point, having a schedule should not just make you busy twenty-four hours a day, but it should make you productive.

Using this method will help you not wasting your time and focusing your energies on specific targets. You will constantly know what to do, you will be filled with determination and your moral will improve.


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